How To Increase Breast Size With Massage

Properly massaging your breasts can lead to strong, firm, rounder and well-shaped breasts. This is one of the techniques employed by millions of women across the world because it is effective and also it can be self-administered from the comfort of one’s home.

Massaging works by stimulating the release of growth hormones through touch, and principally works through the followings:

Increase circulation – massaging leads to increased blood flow in the breast and the neighboring regions and this will cause hormone estrogen to access the breast receptors and stimulate growth quickly. Increased circulation will also ensure that more oxygen and nutrients access the breast for better growth.
Secretion of prolactin – this hormone is vital for breast enlargement, and it is usually released following stimulation of the breast tissues or the nipples.

Types Of Breast Massage

There are different types of breast massages ideal for increasing breast sizes. But before delving into the specifics, it is vital to know how to do the massage correctly and always ensure that you are doing the right thing every time you are massaging your breasts. This is because doing it in the wrong manner will be counterproductive and may lead to you having small breasts instead. With that said, here are some of the various breast massage techniques worth considering-:

Chi Massage

With this method, you spread your hands over your breasts such that your fingers cover the entire breast, except the nipples. You then use an oil or a breast enhancement lotion to gently massage the breast in a circular motion, moving your hands in an inward direction for better results. Do this every day for about 300 cycles.

Fat Transfer Massage

The fat transfer massage is also known as fat skin brushing massage. With this technique, start by rubbing your hands together to warm them up, then you sweep the fat from your waist, armpits and upper arms towards your breast. The use of oils, such as coconut oil is recommended to make the “sweeping” of fat comfortable and to ensure your breasts are well moisturized during and after the massage.

Breast Slapping Massage

Just as the name suggests, this technique involves actual slapping of the breast. It sounds weird, but it works and deadly effective in increasing the breast sizes. It involves slapping or squeezing fat regions surrounding the breasts. These include places such as the upper chest and the belly area. The technique should be done for about ten minutes, and though it is painful, it works very well.

Lymph Draining Massage

Lymph draining massages target the lymph nodes, and the objective is to make the lymph nodes release essential hormones necessary for breast enlargement. In this technique, you place your hands under your armpit then massage as if you are pumping in an upward direction in a bid to try to release estrogen hormones to move towards the breasts.
As you may be aware, estrogen is one of the essential hormones in women and stimulating its production in this manner will slowly increase the breast size.
These are some of the massage techniques for getting bigger breasts. But as you contemplate using them, it is also important to consider other breast enlargement techniques such as breast exercises as well as proper diet. A multi-thronged approach will help you get better results within a short time.

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