Naturaful Decollete Pad Review

The NATURAFUL Decollete pad is an anti-aging skin treatment. It reduces the damage caused on the skin by the sun and aging and reduces wrinkles and chest lines too.

What Is The Natural Decollete Pad?

The pad is a non-invasive remedy for wrinkles around the chest, cleavage, decollete and décolletage.

The pad is hypoallergenic (i.e., it has been designed to reduce its likelihood of causing allergic reactions), non-transdermal (i.e., it doesn’t transfer or supply any kind of medication into the bloodstream, even though it’s attached to the skin) and it moisturizes the skin and repairs scar tissue.

The effects of the pad serve to make users feel younger, refreshed, and more confident to start each day.

How Does The Pad Work?

A NATURAFUL Decollete Pad consists of silicone (100% Medical Grade). The silicone hydrates the skin by raising moisture from under the skin’s surface to the top. Properly moisturized skin is a critical influence when your body is trying to heal scars.

NATURAFUL Decollete Pads also uses electrostatic energy to invigorate the skin’s tone and enhance its elasticity.

The pad is also adhesive, so it can be used at almost any time, even when the user is asleep.

The NATURAFUL Decollete Pad, when used continuously, will help user’s skin recover an evener chest line, and make the skin around the chest, cleavage, decollete and décolletage look supple and youthful.

The Science Behind The Naturaful Decollete Pad

A micro-climate is created by the silicone when the NATURAFUL Decollete Pad is placed on the skin. The skin uses the hydration pulled to the upper layer to make itself plump and smooth. This creates a youthful, radiant appearance.

How Do You Use The Naturaful Decollete Pad?

There are three easy steps to use the NATURAFUL Decollete Pad

  1. You need to clean and completely dry the chest area. Make sure the area is free any kind of moisturizer, sunscreen, lotion or humidity of any sort.
  2. Then you remove the silicone pad from its plastic sheet covering.
  3. Carefully put the silicone pad in place on the chest. You need at least one hour daily to get adequate results, but the preferred time frame is overnight.


NATURAFUL Decollete Pads are made of silicone (100% Medical Grade). Silicones refer to a huge variety of specialized, high-performance materials like…

  • silicone polymers
  • silicone fluids
  • reactive silanes

Testimonials from Previous Customers

On Amazon, the NATURAFUL Decollete Pad has a customer rating of 3.5 out of stars. 33% of the reviews gave the product 5 stars, 20% gave 4-stars, 27% gave 3 stars, and 20% gave 1 star.

Here are a few testimonials of the NATURAFUL Decollete Pad from Amazon and the NATURAFUL website

“Love these chest pads! I wear them for about 2 hours to get rid of my chest wrinkles from sleeping on my side. The adhesive is really effective.”

Michelle M. from Toronto, ON, on the NATURAFUL website.

“I’m a side sleeper and stomach sleeper and large breasted so I suffer from deep wrinkles on my chest. After a few times wearing it, my wrinkles were almost gone! You have to keep using it though, or the wrinkles might come back.”

Janine R. from Dallas TX on the NATURAFUL website.

“These silicone pads last longer than others. However, they don’t stay perfect after a few nights. The top edges are where the issue is.

I still find myself trying to sleep on my back to help make it stay on.”

Pyle on

“So far so good after one night’s use…I’ve used several different brands from expensive to less expensive. The adhesion is good on this one, and the thickness is a surprise compared to others which are thinner. It’s comfortable and left fewer wrinkles on my chest than others do. Let’s face it – it’s not possible to completely erase wrinkles, but this pad does a much better job than the others. Will report in again after using for one week to compare adhesion qualities. Hoping the stickiness stays! Remember to wash chest VERY WELL so that no lotion or soap residue causes the stickiness to wear off.

UPDATE: Okay – it’s two weeks later, and the stickiness has almost worn completely off. I am now using the Bravity chest wrinkle bra WITH this pad under it, and it works perfectly to prevent wrinkles. This pad is thicker than most other pads but way more comfortable. The reason for the 3 stars is that the stickiness wears off way too fast. Used on clean, dry skin, too!”

Kim H on

“They did not stick but for 3 times. All the sticky stuff peeled off. I have used another brand that lasted over six months, and it was very sticky.”

Carrie H on

Packages and Prices

  • The one pack consist of 2 pads and costs $39.
  • The two-pack consists of 4 pads and costs $35.
  • The three pack consists of 6 pads and costs $29.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

There is a 60-day money back guarantee with shipping included. Cancellations must be written and submitted to Cancellations require the full order number, name, and shipping address associated with the order. Orders that have already been placed and processed cannot be canceled.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Reduces wrinkles Adhesive falters often
Improves skin tone Requires steady, continuous use
Reduces scars Has caused skin reactions in a few customers

Final Verdict

The NATURAFUL Decollete Pad is a painless, non-invasive, non-transdermal treatment for wrinkled and aged skin. The pad’s adhesive nature allows for its extended use, even when the user is asleep.

The need for consistent use over an extended period and that many customers complained about the adhesive quality of the pad cast some doubt over the pad’s reliability. But the reviews on Amazon and the NATURAFUL website mostly agree that the pad does indeed clear up wrinkles and aged skin on the chest, cleavage, decollete and décolletage.

If you can handle the inconsistent nature of the adhesive and can stay committed to the usage regimen, the NATURAFUL Decollete pad should work for you.

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