Naturaful Vs Bustural

jamie fletcherMillions of women are self-conscious about how small their boobs are.

While there is nothing physically wrong with having small breasts, the media has caused women to think of their breasts as something that needs to be big to be attractive to men, as well as to feel good about themselves.

This has caused many women to undergo plastic surgical procedures in order to enhance their breast size.

In 2017 alone, over 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries were performed amongst the female population of the United States.

Breast augmentation has also been rated the top surgical procedure that women opt for in 2016 and 2017 in the United States, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Unfortunately, many of these women experience terrible side effects as a result of the surgical procedures that were performed on their breasts, such as a deformity of their breasts following the procedure.

The risks often outweigh the benefits, and then there are the high costs involved with breast augmentation.

Alternative options are available that do not hold the risks associated with breast augmentation surgery, yet can sometimes produce effective results.

In this review post, we’ll take a look at two different creams that have been recommended by experts – Naturaful and Bustural.

We’ll consider the ingredients of these two products, and the real value they offer you, and ultimately decide which one is the best for women with small breasts looking to increase their size in a safe and less invasive way as compared to undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

Bustural Breast Enhancement Cream

Let’s start by looking at the Bustural Breast Enhancement Cream.

This cream claims that it can help to enhance the size of your boobs in such a way that you go up a total of two cup sizes.

The company behind this product does not share details in terms of how long the user should continue applying the cream in order to go up two full sizes, but such results are usually only achieved after using a cream like this for several months – oftentimes for as long as an entire year.

Apart from increasing boob size, the cream also claims that it can help you deal with the sagginess of your breasts and make your breasts appear rounder.

The Bustural Breast Enhancement Cream relies on two primary ingredients that have been combined to help stimulate breast tissue growth, as well as to help smooth out the user’s skin in the region of their boobs. These two ingredients include:

  • Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil
  • Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil

Bustural Breast Enhancement Cream is a 100% plant-based product and is available at a relatively affordable price, with a container priced at less than $30. Shipping options are somewhat limited, however.

Naturaful Breast Enhancement Package


Now that we have looked at the Bustural Breast Enhancement Cream let’s take a look at what Naturaful is and what this package can offer you.

As noted, Naturaful is not a single product, but rather a package, that comes with the following two products:

  • Naturaful Breast Enhancement Cream
  • Naturaful Breast Enhancement Patch

The cream is filled with premium plant-based phytoestrogens and is made according to standards set out by both the FDA and the GMP. The phytoestrogens help to balance hormones and have also been formulated to provide an enhancement in the growth of tissues in the breasts.

The patch contains a total of magnets and is enriched with a range of natural oils that penetrate the skin to provide further benefits that the user will surely be able to enjoy.

Naturaful can be shipped to any location around the world, and the majority of orders even come with free shipping, reducing the overall cost of the package.

The cost for this product depends on the number of packages purchased during a single order. The more you decide to order at a time, the less you will be paying per package.

Which Cream Is Right For You?

Both of these creams have received positive reviews from past users, who have noticed an increase in the size of their boobs after using the cream for some time.

Bustural Naturaful Breast Actives
Firm & lift breast
Natural ingredients
Grows your breast bigger
Permanent results
Items In Package
Money back guarantee 30 days 60 days 60 days
Price €45 $51.92 $59.95
Promo Code
30 days money back guarantee

It should be noted that both Naturaful and Bustural require a few months for results to be truly noticeable and for a woman actually to go up a cup size or two. In these departments, the two creams really have similar features and values.

When we start to look at the negative reviews from past users, however, we notice there are more negative testimonies for the Bustural product as compared to negative reviews associated with the Naturaful breast enhancement package.

Furthermore, Naturaful has a few features that make it stand out above other products like the Bustural cream in terms of breast augmentation without the use of any surgical procedures.

For example, with Naturaful, women can achieve an improvement in their hormonal balance within their body, since the formula was designed to be absorbed into the skin and to work both on the inside and out.

When the hormone balance of the user is improved, then they will find that additional benefits come into play – for example, while they are going through PMS, their symptoms will be much more manageable and less severe than they were without the use of the Naturaful cream and breast enhancement patches.

Naturaful also comes with a convenient guarantee that allows the user to test the product for as long as two months to see if they would like to continue using the product – in cases where the user feels that they won’t be able to experience an increase in their boob size, they can easily get in touch with the Naturaful manufacturer and request that their money be refunded to them.

jamie fletcher

Another reason why we recommend our review of Naturaful over Bustural is the fact that this particular product has been clinically tested and has been proven effective in enhancing the user’s cup size.

The product also received an award for one of the most innovative products of the year.


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