Naturaful Vs Vollure

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A woman’s breasts are her pride and joy. She depends on them to feel and look feminine, and many women tend to dress in such ways to complement the appearance of their breasts.

Showing cleavage and wearing clothes specifically designed to help enhance the appearance of breasts is very convenient for women who have naturally large boobs, but for those with smaller breasts, this may be more unpleasant.

Women who are smaller in their chest area often tend to feel less confident about their appearance. Society and media have deemed the feminine body as one where large boobs and hips are showcased, after all.

Luckily, through the advancements in scientific research and the medical industry in general, many options have been made available to women who want to add some volume and firmness to their breasts.

For many years, breast augmentation procedures were the only options that women were provided if they wanted bigger breasts, but now there are many alternative options available that are far less invasive – some of which don’t even require the implantation of objects behind the breast tissue of a woman’s body.

Creams have become especially popular among women, allowing them to apply the cream to their boobs a couple of times a day, which then causes breast tissue to grow and their cup size to increase in turn.

There is quite a large variety of options to choose from on the market right now, but only some of these creams really tend to stand out and provide effective results.

We’ve seen both Naturaful and Vollure gain recommendations from users in the past, which is why we decided to compare these two breast enhancement creams to each other and see which one you should opt for if you do not want to end up wasting your money.

Naturaful Enhancement Cream And Patch


The Naturaful Enhancement system consists of two products that include cream and a patch. The user is advised to utilize both of these products each day in order to ensure they can achieve a larger cup size in a few weeks.

The products have been designed to work together. Naturaful is also an award-winning product that has undergone clinical trials to ensure the product can deliver its customers effective results, while also being a safe option, even for those women who might have sensitive skin.

The cream that comes as part of the Naturaful package takes advantage of three main active ingredients to help the user achieve bigger breasts in as little time as possible. These three primary ingredients contained in the cream include:

  • Mexican Wild Yam is known to assist in enhancing breast size, while also improving sexual function among women.
  • Dong Quai has been as it can help to reduce the symptoms of PMS, assist in alleviating symptoms associated with fatigue, and also improve the user’s mood.
  • Blessed Thistle is a popular herbal extract known for its breast-enhancing abilities. This ingredient also helps to relieve symptoms that women experience while they are going through menopause.

Naturaful comes with a full satisfaction guarantee that offers a refund on the customer’s purchase within the first 60 days following the initial purchasing date.

Vollure Enhancement Bust Serum

Vollure is promoted as a serum that is used to enhance the volume, as well as the “perkiness” of the breasts.

The product comes as a clear gel that is applied to the breast and features a transdermal delivery system that ensures a maximum level of the active ingredients contained within the serum is absorbed into the breast tissue of the user.

The product is enriched with a range of plant extracts that have been proven to assist in enhancing breast size and increasing cup size with continued use. The ingredients include Sarsapogenin, Macadamia Oil, Purified Water, and Macalignan.

The serum is also lightly fragranced to ensure it smells pleasant, without being too excessive which would cause the user’s skin to become irritated.

With Vollure, customers are also provided a 60-day period to try the product and to determine if the serum is able to help perk up their boobs. If the user is not happy, they simply contact the manufacturer of Vollure and ask them to issue a refund.

The product’s containers might need to be returned to the manufacturer for a refund to be issued.

Vollure Naturaful Breast Actives
Firm & lift breast
Natural ingredients
Grows your breast bigger
Permanent results
Items In Package
Money back guarantee before 60 days 60 days 60 days
Price $69.95 $51.92 $59.95
FDA Approved
before 60 days

Which One Should You Get?

When faced with even just two products, such as Naturaful and Vollure, to choose from when it comes to boosting the size of your bust, things can become very complicated when you are not sure which one you should choose.

Customers who have used both products in the past have recommended them, and both of them seem to have a relatively equal amount of negativity associated with them as well.

After we considered everything that both of these natural breast enhancement products have to offer, we did notice that Naturaful seems to be the better one.

Naturaful generally has better results when we look at the reviews that previous users of the product have left on various websites, including Amazon.

Naturaful is also available to a much wider audience compared to Vollure, as the product can be shipped internationally.

Naturaful also has a few additional advantages that it offers the user, which the Allure breast enhancement cream is unable to offer. With Naturaful, the user gains the benefit of having ingredients enter their body that will naturally help to balance out estrogens and other hormones that play vital roles in the female body.

jamie fletcherWith a better balance in these hormones, symptoms associated with PMS, for example, may subside and the period when the user goes through PMS might not be as unpleasant for them as it used to be.

The enhancement patch that comes as part of the Naturaful package is also equipped with special active magnets that help to stimulate the circulation of blood within the user’s breasts.

This is a significant advantage that should be noted, as when circulation is improved, the ingredients that are transferred into the user’s body through the cream and those ingredients that have been integrated into the patch can all take effect much faster.

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