Naturaful Review 2021: Does Naturaful Really Work?

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jamie fletcher

For a boy, looking like “a plank,” as they called me, really is not a problem.

But when you are a girl, and this is what people describe your physique as, well, then you have some problems to look into.

Women are expected to have large and perky “boobs,” so when this does not naturally happen, we are often bullied in school and, even later in life, people would still talk about how flat-chested we are.

That can really take away your confidence and make you feel like you are not a complete woman.

Bummer, I know – I’ve been there – but there are ways to increase your cup size without going under the knife and getting a surgeon to plant silicone pads inside your breasts.

While people would often tell you to accept yourself as you are, we all know that adding a little change here and there could drastically improve our confidence levels and make us feel better about ourselves – and there are many options for “beautifying” your body without any type of surgical procedures.

Back in high school and college, I was always the girl who did not have much to show off.

While all the other girls in my class were able to wear their bikinis with pride, and even wear t-shirts that showed off some cleavage, I was always the one to avoid going out in a bikini and always found myself wearing clothes that covered as much of my upper body as possible.

The reason for this was my VERY small breasts.

At first, I thought that they would still grow – and while they did grow a little in the following years, I was still faced with breasts that were much smaller than that of my friends.

This led me to feelings of depression, and I became extremely self-conscious.

Every time I found myself hanging out with a couple of friends, I would zip up my jacket and sit in such a way that no one could see how small my breasts really were – and even when there wasn’t anyone looking, I would still feel like eyes were staring at me and I would relive those moments in school where I couldn’t make the cheerleading squad or attract the guys as some of my friends were able to.

I eventually considered undergoing a surgical procedure in order to gain some size in my breasts.

I was discouraged to do so, as there are side-effects associated – but at the time, I was desperate and was really willing to do anything in order to feel more attractive and to show off some cleavage without feeling self-conscious.

I was advised that the risks imposed by breast augmentation procedures really did not outweigh the potential benefits that I would achieve through such a surgical procedure.

Breast augmentation is linked to scar tissue, which may alter the shape of your breast.

It can also cause you to experience pain symptoms in your breast, and lead to a much higher risk of infection.

Some people also report a change in the sensation of their breasts and nipples after they have undergone a surgical procedure to enlarge their breast size, and leakage of the implanted materials may also occur.

Discovering An Alternative To Surgical Breast Augmentation

I was too afraid to opt for such a procedure, so I decided to start looking at alternative ways that I could increase the size of my breasts without having to go under the knife.

Unfortunately, most of the methods that I was able to discover was either utter nonsense or did not provide me with any noticeable results after trying the method for a while.

One day, I found myself wandering around on Facebook. ​

I wasn’t searching for anything specific but was rather just looking at what my friends had to say about how their day was going.

As I browsed down the timeline on Facebook, I noticed one of my good friends bragging about going up yet another cup size – and all of this without any surgery.

She mentioned that she achieved an increase in her breast size through a safer approach compared to breast augmentation surgery.

I was a little embarrassed to ask my friend about how she did it, so I decided to keep an eye on her Facebook page – and she eventually posted a photo of cream that she used to achieve these results.

I took down the name of the cream and later on decided to do a quick Google search in order to find out what the cream is all about and if it really is such a “miracle” option for bigger breasts without surgery.

What I found was a website that provided extensive details about the cream, known as Naturaful, and a lot of testimonials from women who had used the cream in the past.

It seemed like people were really achieving impressive results with this product – and even when searching for the cream on Google in general, I found a lot of impressive reviews from women who went through the same issues that I was going through.

I decided to order one bottle package of the Naturaful cream and to give it a try.

I actually considered one single pot insignificant as such cream would need to be used for several months at least to see any results probably, but I didn’t want to invest too much money.

After I received the pot, I started using the cream as directed immediately – within just two weeks’ time, and I noticed results.

My breasts were starting to get bigger – slowly, but the results were there.

I was so happy that I ordered more of the cream so that I did not run out of supply.

Today, I am happy to announce that I am a full cup size up and heading toward a second size upgrade.

So, to help you out if you are going through a situation where you feel that the size of your breasts is insignificant, I want to provide an overview of the Naturaful cream and show you why you should take a look at this cream and consider using it if you are looking to know what it feels like to have bigger boobs.

What Is This Cream And What Can It Do For You?

Here is an animation video that explains Naturaful very well. Be sure to watch till the end.

Let’s start by looking at what this cream is.

Naturaful is a cream that is made from 100% natural ingredients in order to help stimulate an increase in the growth of breast tissue.

This would ultimately then lead to an increase in the size of your breasts, which also means you’ll start to notice that you need to order a larger cup size when shopping for bras.

The product was developed to be a safer alternative to some of the more invasive options that are available for those who want bigger breasts.

Naturaful is provided to the customers in packs, which comes with two specific products to help them experience larger breasts.

These two products include:

  • Naturaful Enhancement Cream, which is the main aspect of the system, and comes in the form of a cream that is applied to your breasts. The plant-based ingredients, including phytoestrogens, help to increase breast tissue production.
  • The plant-based ingredients, including phytoestrogens, help to increase breast tissue production.
  • Naturaful Enhancement Patch, which is a patch that contains several magnets and is filled with a range of natural oils. The ingredients penetrate the skin of your breasts in order to yield an increase in breast tissue, which results in larger breasts.

While the product is primarily used to go up a cup size, it should be noted that the ingredients in the cream, as well as the enhancement patch, have also been selected based on their abilities to help improve the firmness of your skin.

This will yield perkier, larger, and firmer breasts, and help to get rid of sagging in the breasts, which is quite common among the aging female user.

The cream utilizes a special formulation that has been designed for transdermal absorption.

This purpose of the cream is to help increase the size of breast tissue naturally without the need to implant any type of synthetic products into the breast.

Herbs, hormone balancers, and antioxidants are all combined in this powerful formula to yield maximum results in a minimal amount of time.


The main ingredients utilized in this cream include Mexican Wild Yam, Blessed Thistle extracts, and Dong Quai extracts.

This combination has powerful effects that may not only assist with improving breast size but also yield additional benefits within the body of the female user.

How Much Does Naturaful Cost?

costNaturaful is a very affordable option, especially when you compare it to the thousands of dollars that are usually involved with surgical procedures where silicone bags are implanted into your breasts to increase your cup size.

The cost of Naturaful depends on how many packages you order at the same time – each package comes with one container of the cream, along with a set of patches that you use in combination with the cream to achieve your desired results.

The options that are available when you want to order Naturaful include:

  • Single pack option – costs $59
  • Three-pack option – costs $43 per pack
  • Six-pack option – costs $33 per pack

As you can see, the more packs you order during a single order, the less you pay per pack.

Additional fees will also be added to your order for shipping.

The shipping fees depend on where your package needs to be sent.

Shipping the package to an address in the United States leads to faster shipping time and lower costs.

Is Naturaful Breast Enhancement Cream Safe?


This is what I really like about this product, it’s safe to use without risks and side effects and the results from using Naturaful are long term, unlike other creams.

Compared to expensive surgery, this is your best option and listen when I tell you this…

…I have seen way too many botched boob jobs lately and it really scares me.

The price of breast surgery was not an option for me and to be honest I’m glad I discovered Naturaful because it really works.

I was actually surprised at how popular it is and how many women AND men around the world are using it.

You’ll also be glad to hear that Naturaful is GMP certified and FDA approved.

When I found out that it was FDA approved I knew it was safe to order, so I did…

Although I don’t have that instant increase in size like you would with surgery, this product has literally saved me thousands of dollars and the scars from surgery.

Words really can’t express how happy I am with my results and that’s why I’m writing this for you guys. I love reading them for inspiration.


jamie fletcher

If you have a small cup size, then there is a good chance that you may feel self-conscious when you are around a couple of friends with larger breasts.

This can be unpleasant, as I have experienced this first-hand and knew what it could do to your confidence levels.

While surgery for breast enlargement may seem like an ideal option, this entails a large number of potential risks and side-effects, which may eventually even become harmful to your general well-being.

Instead of opting for surgery, I suggest you consider alternative approaches to increase your breast size.

I found the Naturaful cream to be an excellent companion that has aided me in my time of need.

This cream is definitely worth a try, as it is much more affordable than surgery, and you will be able to notice results in as little as just two weeks if you follow the instructions that the manufacturer of the product provides.

I hope that you like my review and hopefully, it helps you decide whether you should purchase or not.



  • Cheaper than implant surgery
  • All in one breast enhancement solution
  • Safe and effective
  • Results don’t happen instantly like implants
  • Results may vary from person to person

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  1. I don’t like the idea of going for breast augmentation surgery as it’s costly and not forgetting the side effects. Breast enhancement creams seem like a much better alternative.

    • Hey Crystal,

      There’s no guarantee as results may vary from person to person but there are many success stories which you can see for yourself here and hopefully, you can be inspired to take action.

      The worse thing that could happen is you tried and it doesn’t work for you but at least you have no regrets and you can get your money back in within 60 days.

      • Thanks for replying. After much consideration, I decided to give it a try. You are right Jamie, I have nothing to lose since I’m backed by the money back guarantee and this is so much cheaper and safer than going for surgery. I will report back my results in a few weeks time. Thanks!

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